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The Basics

Sign up for a 13 week session! Each session you will learn songs, dances, stage technique, and some acting techniques. At the end of the session there will be two performances, FREE to the public. Students will rehearse 1 day a week for  1 to 2 hours, depending on which group they are a part of. Once we get into the 8th week, students will also rehearse 2 Saturdays for 2 - 2 1/2 hours. 

Spring - Fall Sessions

Singing, Dancing and Performing! Triple Threat in ONE!
Each group meets one day a week for 1 hours - 1 /2 hours as well as a couple Saturdays. Rococo has four classes based on age. Details of classes are as follows:


*Rubatos (11 - 15 Years olds) -- Tuesday (4:00pm - 5:30pm)
*Melotones (5
- 8 Year olds) -- Wednesday (4:00pm-5:15pm)
*Ovations (8 - 11 Year olds)  -- Thursday (4:00pm - 5:15pm)


(Placement with 8 & 11 years old will matter with birthdate and grade level)

Students MUST audition before each session if interested in a solo.
For more information on auditions, click aud
itions tab above.

When: January - April
Who: Ages 5 - 18
What: 14 week s
ession of triple threat experience of singing, dancing & performance

When: August - November
Who: Ages 5 - 18
What: 13 week session of triple threat experience of singing, dancing & performance

Summer Workshops

Our Summer workshops cater to those that go on vacation and to help work around crazy Summer schedules. We have fun Summer Workshops that will help our students grow. They will make new friends, create unforgettable memories and have a wonderful experience. Please explore the website to see what those workshops are. Dates will be updated every year. Our Summer Workshops will be a growing opportunity.

Summer Workshops Details:
Each Summer, Rococo provides a couple Summer Camps to bring the arts into the area. Each year they will be updated on what areas we will be focusing on. Here are your options for Summer:

When: Summer - Dates: TBA 2021
Who: Ages 6 - 16
Description: This class is for those that are interested in dance, theater, singing and music. We will go over mic technique as well as projection when performing. It will be a high-paced, fun, and energetic atmosphere that is good for all ages. 

*Acting Workshop (Short Play/Musical
When: Summer - Dates: TBA 2021
(Monday-Thursday from 3:30pm-5:00pm)
Who: Ages 7 - 16
Description: During the school year, Rococo focuses on singing and dance. in the Summer we like to emphasize on acting for those that want to have this area strengthened. We will have a little singing and dance involved, but our main focus will be acting/theater. Acting teaches youth to adapt to changing situations, builds self-confidence, helps with speaking in front of others, learn how to work with others, and forms friendships.

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