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Rates and Payments

Payments Accepted:

Cash or Check

VENMO (@Tina-Mortensen)

No PayPal accepted

Full Session Rates:

We accept Cash, Check and Venmo! When paying VENMO, please add a $2.00 FEE.

Payment Options:

Monthly, Two Payments OR Pay in Full

*Pay Monthly - $50.00 X 6

           (November payment will cover Nov. & Dec.)

           (Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov/Dec, Jan, Feb)

*Two Payment Plan - $145.00 X 2 (Saves $10.00)

           August $145.00 & November $145.00

*Full Payment Plan $280.00 (Saves $20.00)

            August $280.00

*Registration Fee: $20.00 Per Student. Due by the first week of class.

*Recital Fee: $20.00 Per Student. Due by the 15th of February.

*NO Costume Fees - We try to have you not spend too much money out of pocket. If there is something we ask you to pay out of pocket, it is something we hope you can use in your daily attire or resale to another student or back to the studio.

If payments are not received by the 15th of every month, there will be a $5.00 late fee added to that months tuition!


*$5.00 off registration fee and $5.00 off Recital Fee, per additional sibling

*For Referrals, you will receive a $5.00 Credit

*Discount on payment methods

Mini Session Rates:

Melotones (Per Student):

$80.00 total (For entire Session)

$10.00 Registration Fee 

$10.00 Recital Fee

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